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In a very short span of time electronic cigarettes have created its position in the e-cigarette industry. These e-cigs are not only changing the old age tobacco cigarette trend but also have increased the users who now-a-days prefer e-cigs over tobacco smoking. The importance of e-cigs can be seen through these facts that e-cig market is growing 30 percent every year and many tobacco companies are showing great interest in electronic cigarette manufacturing. In this revolution among other companies, V2 Cigs is at the top of the list and it is considered as America’s best and most favorite e-cigarette brand.

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Interestingly, e-cigarettes came in the market in 2003 but unfortunately many people don’t know about e-cigs. Meantime V2 Cigs presented its amazing features which created its name with its extremely low prices, advanced technology and with a great and better ingredients selection and more importantly its impressive customer services. By its improved technology and quality than tobacco cigarettes, V2 Cigs has changed the whole scenario and presented e-cigarettes as a better alternative to regular tobacco smoking.

V2 Cigs emerged as a most powerful brand with supreme value and best quality. Markets are full with e-cigs brands which created plenty of options for smokers such as up to 20+ battery styles and 10 different vapor flavors. V2 cigs are also offering all kind of accessories as well either you want to use it indoors or outdoors. This credit only goes to V2 e-cig Company that keeps its complete record of ingredients used in cigarette and publishes this record and results of batch testing on their website. The success story doesn’t end here; V2 Cigs introduced new 26mg cartage for its users on its website with refill tanks that you can easily refill and also offers a line of e-cigarettes with different styles and designs. V2 cigs does not compromise on its quality and safety and for this; they design and assemble their products with the help of the best engineers in this industry.

Click Here To Visit The Official Website Of V2 Cigs.

An estimate of V2 cigs demands can be visualized from this fact that the V2 Cigs Company is receiving 5,500+ online orders every day in the USA alone. Alexa said that v2cigs.com has become one of USA’s top website and holds a number one position in e-cigarettes category.

Characteristics of V2 Cigs

  • Low price

  • V2 cigs site contain all ingredients and results

  • Plenty of flavors

  • Number of accessories

  • V2 cigs offers you guarantee of 30 days money-back on its all starter kits

  • Live chat to solve issues and user problems

  • V2 also easily available in all stores and gas filling stations

V2 users also can get rid from high prices of tobacco cigarettes, bad odor, fire hazard and smoke. Don’t compare its quality with other brands; V2 e-cigs minimizes the different aspect of tobacco smoking as it gives the satisfaction of regular cigarette with more flavors and better taste. V2 Cigs works on a very simple process and you can easily use them without any kind of extra tension. You just have to inhale V2 cig and then exhale it freely; you will just forget the tobacco cigarette taste. Due to its amazing feature of battery you do not have to pull hard to inhale it. A puff of V2 cig turns the liquid into odorless vapor and you get a real taste of cigarettes.

V2 e-cig consists of two parts: one is called a battery which is often rechargeable and second is known as refillable atomizer. Besides this, inside of each cartridge of V2 cigarette there is an optional special combination of flavor and liquid nicotine also included. V2 Cigs are available either in disposable unit forms or packed with recharging accessories in a box known as “starter kit”. V2 cigs batteries are considered most demanding batteries in the market. You take a puff and its battery produce smooth and massive amount of vapor. So, there is no need to pull hard to produce more vapors.

V2 cigs batteries offer three different sizes with four different colors and two switch types in the market. If you take Shorty battery, it has size of regular cigarette and you can produce 160- 200 puffs easily. On the other side, longer standard batteries can produce 200- 300 puffs. While Long batteries can give you 300 to 400 puffs when fully charged. When a battery’s power reduced to a minimum level, you will see a decrease in vapor volume. No need to worry about battery’s charging because the battery will inform you by flashing when it’s time to recharge. You can fully charge the V2 batteries in 1-2 hours.

Click Here To Visit The Official Website Of V2 Cigs.


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